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Convert Your Helmet to a 'Retro' Lid

CCFH is proud to offer the service of converting your Fire Helmet to the cosmetic specs used many years ago. 

If you currently have a leather or traditional style lid and want the old school look without purchasing one of our Retro Helmets, then we will gladly convert your existing helmet to the Retro specifications.

Turn around times for 'conversions' are MUCH quicker than ordering a new Retro helmet. Conversions can be done in as little as two weeks given our work load.

To the right is a side by side: 1996  and 2008 model years

The Differences:

- Classic bend as opposed to exaggerated bend from factory

- Retro Maltese Front Holder (custom fitted) VS Silk-screened/Carved Eagle

- Reflective trim in lower position

N5A / N6A / G5A

Have one of these leather helmets with the look above? Get it converted to a 'Retro' for an old school look.

Phenix TL2

We can also do the conversion on the Phenix leather helmet - giving the lid a completely different look.

Morning Pride Ben 2

The Ben 2 is a great helmet that can be made even better with a few small touches. Modern meets old school.