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Pre-1998 on the left, and post-1998 on the right.

One of our Retro Helmets below, a 2013 manufactured lid

After 1997, the Retro specs could no longer be had on leather helmets. The Retro Helmet started with Capital City back in 2013 - builds tailored to the customer with the Retro features. Everything else is an imitation.

The Original Retro Helmet

Specifications modeled after the leather helmets from the 1980s/1990s. Brought back by Capital City Fire Helmets, and now continued to be offered through the Retro Division/RTI.

This is a spec that not only looks good, but is more functional than a stock helmet.

- Traditional Retro Brass hand fitted

- Retro Reflective trim low on the dome

- Classic Brim Shape

- Adjusted fit with no ratchet

Rag Top Retro Helmet

This is a custom specification designed by Capital City Fire Helmets specifically for Rag Top Industries. A unique spin on the Retro Helmet.

- Flat Black Paint

- Blacked Out Retro Brass hand fitted

- Black Earflaps

- Black Tetrahedrons



 In order to keep up with demand, CCFH will remain committed to completing the builds. However, RagTop Industries will be taking all orders as the sole outlet for these helmets. Please go to:

Website:  ***Look for the Retro Division***
Telephone: 203-672-5705

DISCLAIMER: Capital City Fire Helmets LLC is not associated with MSA or Cairns Helmets in any way. MSA Cairns does not consent to any modifications to their helmets nor will they honor any warranty on these helmets. Any repairs made to MSA or Cairns Helmets are only authorized by MSA's repair facility, per MSA. Any materials used on these helmets in our shop are available via third party vendors in which you can purchase and install yourself. If you wish to send us a privately owned helmet to have any work performed, then you are consenting to have Capital City Fire Helmets LLC work on your property. MSA does not assume any liability with  your helmet after any work is performed.

COLORS: Factory colors available - gloss black, red, yellow, white, blue, and natural. These helmets are painted by the factory, not CCFH. If you request a custom color, RagTop Industries will complete the custom paint job.

SIZING: Sizes will be medium or large. BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR HAT SIZE WHEN ORDERING. Mediums will comfortably fit a 7 3/8 without a ratchet. If you are closer to 7 1/2, consider a large. Typically anything beyond 7 3/8 will be a size large. All new helmets will now come with the factory removable/washable liner. This is designed to be removed easily and placed in an included mesh bag for laundering/decon. Fitment will still be the same. Front head band is no longer leather - it is now padded cloth. The old style liner is available upon request and subject to the additional charge of the part ONLY. See here for Video Example: CLICK ME

FITMENT: All Retro Helmets as of 2019 now come with the new style washable liner with cloth forehead pad. We are unable to order the helmets with the old style leather padded liner. We can install the old style liner for the cost of the liner and you will get to keep the cloth liner as a loose part. We will NOT remove your liner and stock it to discount the price. We'd be up to our necks in cloth liners if that was the case. Short/thin earflaps available on request as well.

Also, the helmets will be set up to wear without the ratchet as best as possible with the stock suspension. For those looking for a low ride height on their helmets, we can install a deep suspension for an additional $50.00. This service is normally $65.00 for all other helmets that are sent to CCFH - since you are committing to a new helmet, we will gladly discount this service. 

REFLECTIVE TRIM: Standard helmet trim is lime green reflexite. We can offer blue, red, and white reflexite, as well as all of the standard scotchlite colors including reflective black. **Scotchlite** comes in two different materials. Scotchlite cloth tetrahedrons is the same striping material found on turnout gear. Scotchlite tape is the reflective striping material found on fire apparatus. Please specify which type of scotchlite.


100% true to size retro tetrahedron to emulate that 1980s and 90s look. Made from actual reflexite and available on all Retro helmets exclusively through Capital City and Rag Top.

TURNAROUND TIME: Expect 4-6 months turn around time due to the backlog in the industry for leather helmets. As soon as we receive the helmet, work begins immediately and is typically completed in a swift manner. The hard part is waiting for the helmets to show up...