Hartford CT - Since 2010

Capital City specializes in installations of the Retro Brass, which is the original old style Maltese Cross Brass holder that was standard until 1998. This holder needs to be custom cut, fitted, drilled, and riveted for each helmet, which is opposite to the new style brass that is pre-stamped/drilled and bolts onto the helmet.

This style brass allows for a true old school look, and can be retrofitted to any leather helmet, any year. Do not be fooled by the imitators - each brass job we do is done the "right" way, and you WILL get what you pay for

The benefit of this style holder is that your leather front shield will properly fit into the tip of this holder, unlike the silk/carved eagle designs where front engagement with the holder tip is minimal. The shield will also rest against the the Retro Brass, whereas other designs allow for the shield to disengage from the holder tip and flop around. 

New for 2020 is the Blacked Out Retro Brass. This is a unique take on the classic front holder. Durable black finish with the brass FD Maltese design. Please note that this is the same part as the original Retro brass, but with the blacked out finishing. Still requires 100% hand fitting. Made in conjunction with Taylor's Tins, and available exclusively through the CCFH/Retro Division. The original blacked out brass - everything else is an imitation.

These holders are NOT for sale as a loose part due to the amount of hand fitting required. There is no way to guarantee a proper fit either if we pre-cut the holder and sell it loose. It is in the best interest of this company that the install is done right from the beginning, therefore all retro holders are offered as a service to install.

Retro Brass can be installed on just about every traditional helmet on the market. Here are some examples: