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Helmet Repairs and Pricing

To start the work process, copy/paste the options you want into an email and send to:

New for 2020: CT Residents will now be subjected to CT Sales Tax on Helmet Repairs and Sales - Thank your Local Legislator....


Turnaround times:
Leather repairs to the brim/dome can take up to 1 month given our workload and other commitments. 

Parts replacements, brass holder installs, liner installs etc can take as little as 1 to 2 weeks based on our workload and inventory. Most parts are typically kept in stock at CCFH.

Helmet Repairs and Services:

All of our leather helmet options are listed on this page. However, we also can service the following:

Cairns 880

Cairns 1000 Series

Cairns Senator Helmet

Ben 2 Traditional Helmet

Phenix TC1

Leather Repairs:

Applicable to small cracks, brim damage, exposed wire, and minor separation on dome seams

Exposed brim wire that is pushing out farther than the brim itself can be cut, shortened, and re-welded prior to repairs.

- Repair Material - $10.00

- Repair Labor - $25.00 per working hour (2 to 3 hour average for major repairs)

- Cut and re-weld brim wire - $10.00

- Paint work/Touch ups - based on working time

Brass Front Holders:

- Installation of new crown - $15.00

- Silk Screen Eagle - $25.00

- "New Style" Maltese Holder - $25.00

- 3D Carved Eagle - $55.00

- For any of the above holders, if original mounting holes need to be filled add $10.00

- Retro Brass Holder and crown - $72.00

- Install Custom F&T Retro Brass Holder with crown - $62.00 (customer supplies the holder)

- Color match crown to helmet (black only) $8.00

CCFH specializes in installations of the Retro Brass, which is the original old style Maltese Cross Brass holder that was used until 1998. This holder needs to be custom cut, fitted, drilled, and riveted for each helmet, which is quite opposite to the new style brass that simply bolts onto existing holes in the leather. This style brass allows for a true old school look, and can be retrofitted to any leather helmet, any year, including the Phenix TL2 1500. Do not be fooled by the imitators - each brass job we do is done the "right" way, and you WILL get what you pay for.

Brim Reshape:

- Boston Flat

- Classic Pre-1998

- Bronx bend

- Any shape desired - you describe it, and we will bend it...

- $10.00 for all brim reshaping

Liners/Suspension - options available:

- Install black or yellow nomex liner - $120.00

- Install black or yellow nomex SHORT/THIN earflaps from Rekindled Lids - $147.00

- Install PBI liner - $120.00

- Install cushion liner with no earflaps - $75.00

- Clean existing liner and re-pad - $40.00

- Adjust helmet to wear without ratchet - Priced per helmet (differences in manuf. years)

- All liner installs subject to $10.00 increase if heavy mold is present

- Install custom suspension - $65.00

Ratchet Repairs/Replacements:

- Replace ratchet (if mounts are intact) - $40.00

- Replace ratchet (if mounts are broken) - $65.00


- Install chinstrap Quick Release Buckle Only - $38.00

- Install chinstrap Quick Release Buckle with Postman Slide - $40.00

- Install chinstrap with Postman Slide only - $25.00

- Install Milwaukee chinstrap - $20.00

- Install chinstrap clips (5A and G5A/G54) - $35.00 

Eye Protection:

- Installation of Bourke Eye Shields - $55.00

- Requests for goggles or flip-down visors will be priced out accordingly, per each request

Reflective Trim:

- Retro Tetrahedrons: Lime/green scotchlite cut to the exact size as the original reflexite from the mid 1980s/early 90s. Shown in the picture, New production on the left, and original reflexite on the right. 

- Reflexite tetrahedrons in colors lime/green, blue, red, and white

- Reflexite Bars - same colors as above

- Scotchlite tetrahedrons available in tape and cloth versions

   Tape: Lemon yellow, white, and black

   Cloth: Lime green, orange/red, and color/silver bar combination

- All standard reflective trim - $10.00 per set

- Retro Tetrahedrons - $15.00 per set OR $20.00 for a set shipped


D-Ring Hanger Replacement

- New D-Ring installed with factory brass rivet - $15.00

- Replace D-Ring rivet - $5.00

Front Stud Mounts For Leather Shield

- Install Front studs: includes brass washers, nuts, studs, and chrome acorn nuts - $15.00