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2011-70: 5A Refurbishment

Pre-1970s vintage Cairns and Brothers 5A New Yorker Helmet was originally black. We repainted the helmet in gloss white, which is the same new paint as our semi-gloss black. This resulted in a factory-like appearance, as well as no paint lines to contend with. New brass (old style) was installed. Due to the dome being much smaller than newer helmets, the brass required a different angle of cut. There were two large holes on the sides of the brim where the old style flip down face shield mounts were installed. These were filled and blended. New front mounting posts were installed in accordance with the front holder to ensure proper fitment of a leather front shield. A new chinstrap and chinstrap attachment points were installed as well. End result: a vintage 5A New Yorker that looks like it just came off the factory line in Clifton, New Jersery.
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