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The 880 thermoplastic helmet has been a popular option since the 1970s. When first introduced, it had no ratchet and featured a fully adjustable liner. As years progressed, ratchets and impact caps were retrofitted, making a good fitment harder to obtain. The original liner and associated parts have been discontinued as well.

The first 880 conversion created by Capital City and Rag Top over 8 years ago consisted of installing a brass liner band for a 5A into the 880 shell, for a fitment exactly like a leather helmet. 

A second conversion as of 2020 consists of a fully adjustable liner from a different helmet for circumference and ride height. The elimination of the ratchet is a key point as well. This allows for a versatile and comfortable fitment like the original 880s, only better.

You can either send in an 880 to be converted OR have us supply the shell for a build.

New Helmet Builds will come with an 880 shell and the following as standard:

Retro Brass

Front Studs


Edge Bead

Impact caps on modern 880s are typically removed. They can be left in place on request, but they will slightly size the helmet down

Plastic Band Conversion

  • Sizing from small to medium ( 7 ⅝ max)
  • User adjustable suspension for low or high ride
  • No ratchet
  • Suspension and liner installed using metal hardware like a 5A
  • Leather forehead pad STANDARD
  • Removable earflaps optional 8 inch or 4 inch length

Brass Band Conversion

  • Sizing from small to medium ( 7 ⅝ max)
  • Uses same brass retaining band from a leather helmet
  • Uses same liner and suspension from a leather helmet
  • Option of no earflaps or standard/short earflaps
  • User adjustable suspension for low or high ride using drawstring on cushion liner
  • Sizing can be changed using plastic sizing band under cushion liner

To Order:

Go to under the Retro Tab - 880 Conversions

RagTop is the only vendor for CCFH and the 880 is available exclusively there